If you are a residential homeowner looking to install a new fence on your sloped property, then ornamental fencing is definitely worth considering. As beautiful as it is functional, an ornamental fence can provide an attractive and cost-effective solution for sloping properties. Let’s take a look at the design solutions available when it comes to installing an ornamental fence on sloped properties.

Using Pre-made Sections

One of the simplest solutions for installing an ornamental fence on sloped properties is to use pre-made sections. These sections are designed specifically for use with sloped properties, with each section adjusted to fit the angle of the slope perfectly. This is especially helpful if you need to adjust around any curves or bends in your yard as well. While this option is not always the most cost-effective, it does save time and effort when it comes to installation.

Adjusting Post Heights

Another way to make sure that your ornamental fence looks great no matter what shape your yard takes is by adjusting post heights. This means that instead of having posts spaced evenly along the length of the fence line, they can be adjusted so that one side of the post may be higher than the other. This allows you to create a level surface along your entire fence line and also allows you to adjust around curves or bends in your yard without having to purchase additional pieces or sections.

Installing Stair Steps

If you have a particularly steep slope in your yard, then another great option is to install stair steps along your ornamental fence line. Stair steps are made up of several different layers of fencing which are installed at different heights along the length of your fence line, creating a staircase effect that looks great and helps keep people safe while traversing up and down slopes in your yard. It can also help keep animals from escaping since there will be more double fencing along those areas where needed.

No matter what kind of terrain you have in your backyard, there are design solutions available when it comes to installing an ornamental fence on sloping properties. Whether it’s using pre-made sections, adjusting post heights or even installing stair steps, there are many options available that can help ensure that you get the perfect look for your home while still keeping safety and functionality in mind. With these solutions in hand, you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful outdoor space without worrying about making costly mistakes during installation!

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